Overwatch - Ayutthaya

Ever since the early Quake days, I was always a big CTF fan, so for this one I wanted to try and push myself as an artist and solo the architecture of a map from early art blockout all the way to lighting polish. I had help from outsourcing like with the elephant statue, spawn room fountains and a variety of props to strengthen the theme.

Ayutthaya started with the idea of designing a map specifically for this game mode, making two identically symmetrical temples facing each other. But one would be an ancient temple, and the other consisting of more futuristic architecture shapes, thematically mixing the old with new, both inspired by the architecture of Thailand.
Both halves of the map cross in a central courtyard and the two very distinct opposite areas of the map enhance the gameplay of the CTF game mode by giving players a better mental read of where they are in the map.

Extra credits to T4 Env team. © 2018 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.