Overwatch - Kanezaka

Kanezaka is a FFA (Free For All) OW1 map set in the same geographical area as Hanamura control point map.

This was the first map we did from start to finish while fully working from home due to the COVID19 2020 quarantine, thankfully this map's theme being set in a familiar environment did make things a little smoother, but it still came with a few challenges, both personal and with the team.
Thiago Klafke did an amazing job working and pouring a lot of passion on the modern / urban architecture side of the map, very reminiscent of modern Japanese architecture, this would be the contemporary side of the map, whereas I worked mostly on the traditional side of the map which is more reminiscent of the architecture you see in the original Hanamura map, with pagoda like buildings. It's supposed to feel very familiar and even try to evoke some nostalgia.

Extra credits to the very talented Blizzard Team 4 environment team.
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