Overwatch - Kings Row

Kings Row was the second map we've made for Overwatch.

We tried to push things a bit from what we did in Temple of Anubis by making a new game mode. (Hybrid Payload)
This time around, we wanted the map to be divided into 3 major themes, the Parliament Square area with access to opulent interiors like a theater lobby and a traditional gentleman's lounge for the attacker spawn. The streets of London with access to a pub, whiskey distillery, a subway for the attackers first spawn and finally the Omnics Underworld. These themes would make navigating the map feel different and fresh throughout, and helps the gameplay since you always know your bearings.

For this map I worked on props, set dressing, materials, lighting, payload and vehicles.

Extra credits to the very talented Blizzard Team 4 environment team.
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